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Home- and office moving company of Budapest

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The BudaTeher

BudaTeher Ltd. is one of the best-known transport companies in the capital, with a 40-year history, and since the turn of the millennium it has been a constant participant in various public tenders for office space, and in addition to the general market quality certificates, it is also a certified „qualified public tenderer” by the Public Procurement Council.
With decades of experience in the field of residential removals, vehicles and auxiliary equipment adapted to the specific needs of removals, flexible scheduling, our own packing solutions on request, barcode and RFID-based inventory of fixed assets, as well as useful information on our website, our company is at the disposal of our residential customers with individual advice.

BudaTeher, as a residential and office removals company in Hungary, is one of the leading players in the 3.5, 7.5, 12 and 18 tonne truck categories, with 70 trucks in the single-haul and distribution road transport market, starting from and/or ending in Budapest. In addition, our company is a leading player in the domestic market as the largest office removals company in the capital with the largest turnover and fleet of machines, regularly moving bank branches and customer services, all with the complex execution of assembly, installation and furnishing services. BudaTeher Ltd. is the official moving or transport partner of Telekom, Raiffeisen Bank, OTP, K&H, CIB, NAV, TEK, Hungarian Post and many large companies and institutions. Our company is a major delivery partner of the Hungarian Postal Service as well.


Home Moving

  • Full removal of household goods, including packing, if required.
  • Disassembly and assembly of furniture
  • Moving of large items (piano, upright piano, safe)
  • Packing and moving of delicate items (antique furniture, mirror cabinets, paintings, works of art)
  • Provision of special moving boxes, boxes for moving various items of clothing and other packing materials (bubble wrap, stretch film, corrugated board, slipcase)
  • Free on-site survey
  • Obtaining entry permits for protected areas
  • Storage of furniture
  • Re-arrangement within the dwelling or building
  • Removal of furniture waste, emptying basements, storage rooms
  • Dispatching service: advice, preliminary estimates, appointments, taking orders, rapid resolution of problems, weekend on-call
  • If necessary, we will carry out a free on-site survey for large-scale movings

Office Moving

  • Migration of documents and assets of offices and office buildings to CAFM level.
  • Complete relocation of up to 250 workstations from Friday afternoon shutdown to Monday start of work
  • Relocation project management
  • Use of intelligent identification etiquette system
  • Sequenced relocation of filing cabinets
  • Relocation of IT workstations, data backup, installation, logging
  • Production of electronic delivery notes based on itemised barcode-based fixed asset inventory
  • Provision of boxes and other special packaging materials for the removal of office folders, PC configurations and technical equipment
  • Disassembly and assembly of furniture and shelving systems
  • Moving and transporting safes, heavy office equipment (e.g. photocopiers)
  • Packing and moving of delicate items (antique furniture, mirrored cabinets, paintings, works of art)
  • Moving and rearranging certain units within the building,
  • Storage and warehousing of furniture and equipment
  • Removal of obsolete office furniture, computer equipment, waste
  • Destruction of archive material
  • Other facilities management services: cleaning, inventory, furniture maintenance, etc. solid waste removal, refuse collection.
  • If justified, we will carry out a free on-site survey for large-scale movings

Freight transport, logistics

  • Our company undertakes the transport of pallets, cartons and piece goods.
  • delivery of ordered goods directly from factories, warehouses or international warehouses to the domestic recipient
  • the direct delivery to a specified collection depot of goods to be forwarded in consolidated traffic
  • transport to events and exhibitions,
  • the assembly and dismantling of pavilions, stands and scaffolding,
  • packaging
  • loading and unloading by hand, including over long distances and over high floors

Containerized waste transport

One of the most important and often one of the most challenging aspects of construction, renovation and refurbishment projects is the temporary storage and removal of accumulated debris. It is important to know that waste from construction and renovation projects should not be mixed with household waste.

Our company carries out containerised waste collection in accordance with the legislation in force, thus protecting our customers from possible penalties.


The goods entrusted to us are delivered to the address in the shortest possible route and time, without detours – minimising delays and damage to goods.

For more demanding, higher value deliveries, we provide a driver.

The vehicles are tracked using modern telecommunications equipment and, on request, our dispatchers can provide accurate information on the expected arrival of the consignment.

We also undertake one-off assignments and ongoing contract work.